Mira Cuckold

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Date of birth:May 19, 1991


Eye color:brown

Hair color:brown

Height:5'3" | 160cm

Bra size:34A (US)| 75B (EU)

Waist:25 | 64

Hips: -

Shoe size: -

Latest comments
  • I am a lifelong submissive. I have been in many Female Domination style videos myself. I do have to give Mistress Mira some credit here. She actually lives this kinky lifestyle too. A lot of the girls I have shot videos with, were clearly just there for the money. They can "act" the role of a Domme but once the camera is off, so are they. So when someone like Mistress Mira actually lives this unique way of life, I bet that makes the videos even more interesting. Because you know there is no acting there, just the real deal.


  • Cuckold Princess :)


  • Fantastic Mistress, totally unique face and beauty and great action! There are not many real Mistresses in the porn industry as Mira Cuckold is. I hope for more movies from her! She deserves the best rating of course