Carpet Beater Humiliation - Lesbian Fetish Lovers in Full HD

Kayla Green & Maisie Rain

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Carpet Beater Humiliation - Lesbian Fetish Lovers in Full HD

DDF Network presents another episode of our impressive House of Taboo series. Brought to you in Full HD, we can’t wait to show you how the strong and strict dominatrix Kayla Green educates her English maid Maisie Rain. Kayla finds her British housekeeper smoking a cigarette instead of doing her job. She gets angry and decides to give that young babe that special treatment. First of all, she takes her cigarette away and spanks that tight butt until it blushes red.

Kayla squeezes Maisie’s nipples and makes her kneel in front of her so she can use her as a human ashtray. She wraps a blue rope around her submissive maid’s wrists and spanks her red butt cheeks with a carpet beater before twisting her hard nipples again. Kayla takes off her high heels and crams Maisie’s mouth with her shoes. She twists her clit and grabs a huge silicon dildo which she inserts into her British housekeeper’s shaved pussy.

Mistress Kayla gets fully naked and feeds her pussy to Maisie who licks her twat until it’s wet. With that dildo in her fuckhole, the young chick enjoys her domina’s pussy and slides her tongue in and out that tight cunt. Finally, Kayla climaxes and enjoys a cigarette while her maid cleans the house after this fetish education.

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